Grada Plant Stands – Set of 3

Grada Plant Stands - Set of 3

As every spring comes around we get the urge to clean, make everything spotless and fresh. There is that need to be rid of the old and buy new or just change things around to feel like some sort of change has occured. As I watch Spring unfold from my office window, I too have the urge, now I only have to convince my husband. (LOL)

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Tauro Long Horn Bust

Tauro Long Horn Bust

As Sunday slowly comes to a close, I look outside at the blanket of fresh snow, I wish I would be where I would see lots of tauros roaming the plains. Grasing on fresh green grass.

This is one of the many novelties at, I invite you to take a look, comments would be appreciated
Tauro XL long horn wall bust. Beautiful buffed aluminum finish. Measures 47 inches Long X 4 inches Deep X 26 inches High

Mahogany No Evil Monkeys

Woke up this morning to see MORE snow, I know, I live in Canada but this is getting ridiculous. I see some of you posting spring flowers and beautiful birds tweeting away happily, what do we get? More snow. It has been a grueling winter up here and it does not seem to want to go away. We have at least 3 feet of hard packed snow to melt away before we can even think of spring flowers. So, when I saw the snow falling in large, abundant flakes, I chose to “See no evil, hear no evil and say no evil” specially say no evil.