Mother’s Day!

Hope all you Mom’s and not real Mom’s are having a wonderful day.  Mother’s Day is not just for our biological Moms, it is also for all those other Mom’s who did not have children but were there for us.  Who listened to  all our complaints and pains and so on that we could not tell our real mothers.  Being from a foreign country, and growing up here in a world that was strange to my Mom, customs that were so different.  Many things that girls did here and was perfectly accectable but not in my country.  Try to make your mom understand that everyone else is doing it, why not you.  Despite all those customs and values that were different, My Mom did a great job.  I love her and I miss her.  I also say Happy Mother’s Day to all those other Moms that help me understand. Have a great evening every one, family and loved ones.


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