An Idea to be Adopted…

Looking through my posts on Facebook, I came across one that really caught my attention.  It seems, and if this is true, every country, province, state, city, town, village should adopt this.  It said that in Finland you can not buy a dog from a pet shop until the animal shelters are empty.  That would be wonderful.  I live in Quebec, Canada, we have the worst record for puppy mills in the country.  Here there is not bylaws or any form of protection for dogs.  Sometimes neighbours will complain that the animals are being mistreated and nothing is done until it is drastic, an emergency..  My son has a rescue Huskey/Pit mix, they have had her for 3-4 years and she still gets nervous around people, specially men, and runs around in circles and circles and circles.  She was tied to a tree with a 4 ft chain for over 1 1/2 years…  we should not allow the sale of animals till the shelters are empty.  It is an amasing idea and probably the best solution.


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